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The official definition puts every oil with acidity lower than 0.8 free fatty acids/100ml. That is an indicator of quality, as the less free catty acids, the slower the ageing of the oil.

Olive oil, especially extra virgin, high quality olive oil, is the healthiest option of fat one can use, as it is naturally full in vitamins E, K, A, antioxidants and anti-inflamatories, with high anti-canceric properties, too.

Olive cultivation is similar to no other oil production. It requires a huge amount of time, as the harvest is only once per year. It is very volatile to weather changes, but first and foremost, the price is driven by the harvest date itself: early in October, olives are at their top quality of nutrients and aromas, yet, as they are not fully ripe yet, their oil content is low. That means that we need more olives per kilo, to produce a top notch olive oil. No wonder why we call it liquid gold.

Also, a trend that spread in the Mediterrenean suggested the super dense fields, with more than 150 trees/0.25 acre. That, of course, increased the quantities produced for several producers, yet it diminished the quality. Nature can serve only a certain amount of trees per piece of land, and we keep our fields that way, respecting its rhythm.

We practice certificated cultivation methods to all of our oils, we cultivate our regular series using biodynamic methods, and our organic series using only nature’s gifts.

Our bottle is a bit clingy, it loves staying close to you. We are working on your refills. In the meantime reuse it by throwing in flowers, or your favourite room fragrance and sticks.

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