This is vendema

Vendema stands for the good harvest. For the good year.

What we harvest during a period of time defines the period’s quality. It's not about how much we got, rather than what we got. Our ancestor evaluated the year by its prosperity in the olive harvest.

But it was much more than their commercial profit. It was much more than their supplies.

It was about cooperation, that a good year allowed, it was about expanding, it was about the party of the season, to work and celebrate alltogether, it was about experiencing the nature and its abundance.

The know-it-oil


    We want it to get really low (as a tequila drunk bestie in the club). Why? A low acidity rate means that your olive oil is capable of resisting to time, keeping its phenols (health fairies) intact.


    LOOKIN FRESH is taken as a compliment for olives, too. You want your olive oil harvested within October - November (North Hemisphere) of each year, meaning the seeds are performing at their best nutritional value, aromas and flavours. And you want your harvest date written crystal clear on your bottle.


    Let’s do SHOTS. Just 20grams of a high quality, rich in phenols olive oil (COUGH, COUGH) per day, can act as your super guard against oxidative stress, lipids and radical scavengers.

The oily info

Greece lies its fields in the East cove of the Mediterranean Sea.

For a minute try not to think of Mykonos.

Picture a landscape, with rocky, proud mountains surrounded by deep blue waters, windy and friendly at the same time, wild and tropical: these imply a great background for unique harvests.

Our country is the producer of the finest olive oil in the world.

The mechanics behind that, are more than what we do. It is what we are given by our land. The limestone soils of Greece combined with the exceptional weather, with mild winters and abundant sunshine, allow the best possible circumstances for the development of the olive tree (and our wild year-round suntanning).

Single Varietal

The Koroneiki variety is considered as one of the most stable, high in phenols variety, so we get what we want, we are not mixing and blending here. Also, we don’t need to do so as we choose the very best seeds early in time, resulting our colour, aromas and nutrients do not need improvements. Our olive oil is straight up.

A Shot A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Olive oil health claim: a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is considered to be a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, reducing the LDL and increasing the HDL cholesterol, reducing the blood clotting (Health Organization Reference).