Mykonos PopUp Store ∙ Summer '23

Oh it has been a blast!
Mykonos PopUp was our amazing host twice this summer, and, lemme tell you, we got so sp-oiled (see what we did there).
The infamous island, full of visitors from all over the world, became our nest for three weeks in total, during June and August.
We transformed the white canvas shop into a super funky and colourful premium olive oil boutique, we launched our Mykonos High Phenolic Special Edition bottle to honour that presence, and we had the time of our lives.
It was the first time we got to have hands on communication with our consumers and were amazed by the number of people who stopped by-a huge thank you to all of you who said hi, got their oils and olives, or grabbed their stickers to remember us.
A humongous thanks to Mykonos PopUp -you know we love you.
Nolic Octapus.